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The rules vary greatly with local authorities


The notary has no requirement to read or validate the content of the document, only the signature. One option for Mr. The Legalization process required documents to be processed at the "target" country's Consulate or Embassy. Responsibility for the content rests with the person signing the document.. An alternative is for Mr. Smith is to fly to Argentina, and sign the POA in front of a notary in Argentina.. The Argentine authorities require the POA to be notarized.. An example would be an affidavit, or sworn statement.

Smith, living in New York City wishes to sell his house in Argentina. The Notary's stamp and embosser attest to the notary's verification of the affiant's identification. A similar requirement applies to Birth, Death and Marriage documents - only the signature of the official (handwritten) directly responsible for creating the "certified copy" can be notarized for Apostille processing. Both procedures are legally equivalent.), establishes the truthfulness of the document.. The state requires the Registrar's signature to be notarized, not the student's.

Legalization is still required for numerous business related documents. However, if the school is located outside of the City of New York, the student's statement does qualify to receive an Apostille. In New York, a student's sworn statement that the attached transcript of grades (even if it is an original from their school) is not acceptable for Apostille processing - if the school is located in New York. The attorney will require a Power of Attorney (POA) from Mr.Not every document qualifies for Apostille Processing. The rules vary greatly with local authorities.

At The Hague "Convention of 5 October 1961 Abolishing the Requirement of Legalisation for Foreign Public Documents", 90+ sovereign nations agreed check valve suppliers to accept notarized documents, (and documents from numerous other officials); without the need for the more complex and expensive Legalization process. Once the document is notarized, (the notary should take care to use both stamp and embosser), the document can be submitted for Apostille processing. He contacts an attorney in Argentina to handle the sale for him. Smith to sign the POA in the presence of a New York notary; and have an Apostille affixed to the document, then ship the Apostille bearing POA to his Argentine attorney.

The Apostille processing is done in the country of origination.and that the statements are true and accurate to the best of your knowledge.. Mr. Smith's name on various documents. Smith giving the attorney authority to sign Mr. The affiant's signature, in response to the Notary Oath, (.A clear distinction between the truthfulness of the content of a document and the validity of the signature must be stressed.A practical example sluice gate suppliers will clarify the use of the Apostille